1911 England - Census transcript - Edward Burrows - Household

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1911 England - Census transcript - Edward Burrows - Household
RG14PN22825 RD457 SD3 ED1 SN50
Aughton, Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

Edward Burrowshead39Married17541Plumber and House PainterEmployerLancs. Liverpool058
Mary BurrowsWife44Married17541Lancs. Holmeswood Rutford
James Blundellstepson19SingleHouse PainterWorkerLancs. Ormskirk
Henry Burrowsson16SinglePlumberWorkerLancs. Ormskirk
Lily Burrowsdaughter14SchoolLancs. Ormskirk
Clara Burrowsdaughter8SchoolLancs. OrmskirkBritish
Ellen Burrowsdaughter2 monthsLancs. Aughton
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