Who is James Goldsmith?

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Who is James Goldsmith?

A register of the 57th Foot, 1st battalion from 1820-1830 notes that George Goldsmith was enlisted by James Goldsmith. Who is this? Reading back to the start of the page with George's details we read the following:

Name: James Goldsmith Size: 5 feet Enlistment age: 18 Description: Fair complexion, hazelnut eyes, brown hair, Born: Tonbridge, Kent Trade: Labourer Attested: Tonbridge, 1808 24th Oct for 7 Years Promoted: Corporal 19 [Nov?] 1820 Reduced: 23 Jan 1821 [?] t Transferred: 25 Sept 1822 "To the New foundlands Veteran Companies".

Reattested for Unlimited Service.

IGI. There is a James Goldsmith who gets married in Tonbridge in 1832. No baptisms around 1790.

The Museum of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment doesn't have any records of the Royal Newfoundland Companies.

UK Archives: may be a starting point to check on James Goldsmith. Reference: WO 12/11207 Description: Veteran Company Newfoundland Date: 1824 - 1828

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George Goldsmith
May 27, 1794
227 Tunbridge, Kent, England
3 June 5, 1836
185 42 Millfield, New South Wales, Australia
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