50th Foot - Excerpts from "The History of the Fiftieth" by

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50th Foot - Excerpts from "The History of the Fiftieth" by "Detachments of the regiment were sent to New South Wales in 1833, and the regiment, under the command of Lietenant-Colonel Wodehouse, landed in that colony on the 21st of November, 1834. Three companies were sent to Tasmania and two to Norfolk Island, of which Major Anderson, 50th Regiment, was appointed commandant." pp198-199

"The 50th Regiment recieved orders to hold itself in readiness to embark for Bengal, to relieve the 49th, on the 11th December, 1839.

The head-quarters and first division of the regiment embarked at Sydney, under Major Anderson, K.H. (Colonel Wodehouse, commanding, having been invalided), in the ship "Crusader," on the 29th January 1841, and the second division under Major Ryan, in the ship "Lady McNaughten," on the 30th of that month, leaving one company under Brevet-Major Sergeant to follow with the recruits expeted from England. This last party was afterwards shipwrecked in Torres Straights, and the ship "Ferguson," which carried them, became a total wreck." p200.

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