Choy (蔡) Family in Zhaoqing - 1932

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Title: Choy (蔡) Family in Zhaoqing - 1932
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Choy (蔡) Family in Zhaoqing - 1932
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Title: Photo of Ah Young and family including photo studio branding
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Choy (蔡) Family in Zhaoqing - 1932

Image copy from Beverley Earnshaw - 2013. The original is in the collection of the Kogarah Historical Society. It has been reproduced in a publication of the Society where it was incorrectly labelled.

This image differs slightly from the one held in Kogarah Library as backing card has been cropped. Importantly, there is a stamp of the studio where the photo was taken. This gives an address in Zhaoqing.

From left to right:
Lee Lai Ying (standing), Chu Moy (seated), Private (held), Wai Han Choy (standing),Ah Young (seated), Private (standing),Kam Wing Choy

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