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Title: John Doran's will
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John Doran's will
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This is the last will and testament of me
John Doran, Guildford in the County of Cumberland
Colony of New South Wales farmer

I appoint William Stinson of Guildford and Edward Whittaker
of Guildford trustees and executors hereof.

I appoint and I give and bequeath to my wife
Emma Doran all of my household furniture
and efects of every description, for her own use absolutely.

I give and devise all that my freehold property

and tenement in which I now reside, with the garden
outbuildings appurtainances thereunto belonging
situate, at Guildford aforesaid, unto my said trustees
their executors administrators and assignees upon trust
to sell by public auction or to sell by private contract for the
best price that can be obtained for the same, and to
call in and convert into money the remainder of
my personal estate, and I declare that my said
trustees shall by and out of the monies to arise
from such sale calling in and conversion into
money and the money of which I shall possess
at my death, pay my just debts funeral and
testamentry expenses, and of the residue of my monies
one half shall be paid to my waid wife, and the residue
to be equally divied between my seven children
names John, James, Emma, Elizabeth, Marrion, William, Thomas and Frances
each recieving ibe seventh share, each person who
shall become entitled under this mt will who are
under the age of twenty one years, to recieve their
share at the age of twentyone years or on their
marriage, I direct that all monies and properties
under this my will, any female shall become
entitled to shall be for her sole and seprate use and free
from the debts control and engagements of her husband
or any person with whom she may intermarry....

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