Jonas Greatrex, 18051870 (aged 65 years)

Jonas /Greatrex/
Given names
Jonas /Greatrix/
Given names
Birth before February 20, 1805
Baptism February 20, 1805 (aged 0 days)
Baptism of a brotherMichael Greatrix
May 31, 1808 (aged 3 years)
Baptism of a brotherEdward Greatricks
July 4, 1811 (aged 6 years)
Birth of a sonJohn Greatrex
1822 (aged 16 years)

Birth of a sonJohn Greatrex
1822 (aged 16 years)

Religious marriageMary OwensView this family
February 24, 1824 (aged 19 years)
Address: St Mary's
Baptism of a sonJohn Greatrex
December 28, 1824 (aged 19 years)
Birth of a sonJohn Greatrex
1828 (aged 22 years)

Note: Age derived from immigration application. Not consisten with baptismal record. Age misstatement at d…

Age derived from immigration application. Not consisten with baptismal record. Age misstatement at during emigration is a possibility.

Birth of a daughterMary Ann Greatrix
after 1828 (aged 22 years)

Note: Marriage indicates she was a minor at the time.

Marriage indicates she was a minor at the time.

Irish Parish records online - mismatched: Mary Greatrix - 30/08/1838 Parish of St John's, Co. Limerick; RC Father: Edward reatrix; Mother: Ellen Hanrahan

Emigration September 11, 1834 (aged 29 years)

Immigration January 5, 1835 (aged 29 years)
British Army
from June 26, 1826 to December 31, 1840 (aged 35 years)

Agency: 50th Regiment of Foot
Birth of a daughterCatherine Greatrex
February 11, 1835 (aged 29 years)
Birth of a daughterEllen Greatrix
about 1840 (aged 34 years)
Note: NSW BDM Index: V18401005 133/1840 GREATRIX HELEN JONAS MARY
Roman Catholic
1842 (aged 36 years)

Marriage of a childJohn GreatrexMargaret FogartyView this family
June 8, 1843 (aged 38 years)
Address: St Marys Co. Limerick
Birth of a sonWilliam Greatrex
about 1845 (aged 39 years)
Note: NSW BDM Index: V18451692 134/1845 GREATRIX WILLIAM JONAS MARY
Birth of a sonThomas Greatrex
October 7, 1847 (aged 42 years)

Residence 1849 (aged 43 years)
Address: Goulburn St
Baptism of a sonThomas Greatrex
November 7, 1849 (aged 44 years)

MarriageWilliam Joseph MorrisMary Ann GreatrixView this family
December 31, 1849 (aged 44 years)
Marriage of a childWilliam Joseph MorrisMary Ann GreatrixView this family
December 31, 1849 (aged 44 years)
witness: Jonas Greatrex (aged 44 years) — father-in-law father
Marriage of a childJohn MorrisCatherine GreatrexView this family
June 2, 1851 (aged 46 years)
Address: St Laurence Church of England, Sydney
Marriage of a childGeorge Andrew MorrisEllen GreatrixView this family
January 1, 1856 (aged 50 years)
Residence 1864 (aged 58 years)
Address: Parramatta Road
Tin Smith
1868 (aged 62 years)
Address: Parramatta Rd, Ashfield
Death of a sonJohn Greatrex
January 9, 1868 (aged 62 years) Age: 40
Cause: Consumption
Burial of a sonJohn Greatrex
February 11, 1868 (aged 62 years)
Cemetery: Roman Catholic Cemetery, Windsor
Marriage of a childWilliam GreatrexJane SmithView this family
June 23, 1868 (aged 63 years)
Address: Christ Church Church of England
Death March 27, 1870 (aged 65 years) Age: 64
Informant: Thomas Greatrex (aged 22 years) — son
Burial March 29, 1870 (2 days after death)
Cemetery: Catholic Cemetery Petersham
Family with parents
Marriage Marriage
younger brother
-3 years
younger brother
-3 years
Birth: before February 20, 1805St Mary's Parish, Limerick City, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Death: March 27, 1870Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia
-3 years
elder sister
Family with Mary Owens
Birth: before February 20, 1805St Mary's Parish, Limerick City, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Death: March 27, 1870Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: about 1808Co. Limerick, Ireland
Death: December 5, 1875Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia
Religious marriage Religious marriageFebruary 24, 1824St Mary's Parish, Limerick City, Co. Limerick, Ireland
5 years
Birth: after 1828 22 20
Death: December 6, 1907Jilliby, New South Wales, Australia
7 years
Birth: February 11, 1835 29 27Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 12, 1894Ourimbah, New South Wales, Australia
13 years
Birth: October 7, 1847 42 39
Death: April 14, 1908Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia
-25 years
Birth: 1828 22 20
Death: January 9, 1868Windsor, New South Wales, Australia
19 years
Birth: about 1840 34 32New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 15, 1922
6 years
Birth: about 1845 39 37New South Wales, Australia
Death: October 12, 1928

No sources identified but cites Jonas as being a soldier of the 50th.

Payroll musters for the 50th also mention Jonas Greatrix.


Clipped from a web forum: there are a few errors but some other leads to follow.

Cianne 27-10-2010, 2:26 AM Thank you Niall, for listing your surname interests. Here is some information for you:

Note: Jonas Greatwiks; Jonas Greatrex; John Greatrex; John Greatrix; John Grotrix; Jns Greybrigs: I believe these are all the same person - Jonas Greatrex, my 3x great-grandfather, who lived in Ashfield, Sydney during the years mentioned.

Jonas Greatrex (1806-1870), his wife Mary Owen and their daughters, Mary Ann (1829-1905) and Catherine (1835-1894) arrived in Australia in 1839 on the "Forth". Catherine - my great-great-grandmother- was born during the voyage.

In 1862, Jonas Greatwiks paid deposits John Greatwiks aged 28, his wife and 4 children aged 10, 8, 6 and 4 from High Street, Limerick City. John was a tinplate worker. The Parish Priest of St John's, Limerick provided character references . The family arrived on the "Ocean Empress". [Greatwiks - Did Jonas have a speech defect - unable to sound ‘r’?]

In 1863, Jonas Greatrex paid deposits for James Enright aged 31, his wife Eliza, and their children Belinda aged 7, Thomas aged 3 and Joseph aged 1. I have no record of the Enright family's arrival.

Also in 1863, John Greatrex paid a deposit for Johanna Mara, a servant aged 22. Johanna arrrived on the"Morning Star"

In 1963, John Greatrix paid deposits for Daniel McCarty (McCarthy) a labourer aged 18; and Mary McCarty (McCarthy) a servant aged 20 - both from Ballingarry, Co. Limerick. Character references were from the Ballingarry Parish Priest. Daniel and Mary arrived on the "Morning Star".

Note on the immigration book for this ship: Daniel and Alice, travelled separately on this voyage. Alice gave information that she had a cousin, John Grotrix, in Ashfield, Sydney, NSW. Daniel had a friend, Jns Greybrigs, in Ashfield, Sydney, NSW.

In 1876, Edward Greatorex paid deposits for James Greatorex, a labourer aged 17. He arrived on the "Earl Dalhousie"; and Ellen Greatorex, a servant aged 40 - no record of her arrival. Both were from 6 Mary Street, Limerick City. Character references were provided by James Sinright from the same address. [James Sinright is possibly James Enright, who was sponsored by Jonas in 1863, and didn't arrive here.]

The Immigration Book for this ship and voyage gave this information on James: His parents were Edward and Ellen, living at George Street, Sydney NSW Australia

In 1877, James Greatorex paid deposits for Ellen Enright, a servant aged 48; and her son, Joseph Enright, a baker aged 16. Both were from Mary Street, Limerick. Their referee was William Delaney from John Street, Limerick.

Shared note

50th Foot - Excerpts from "The History of the Fiftieth" by "Detachments of the regiment were sent to New South Wales in 1833, and the regiment, under the command of Lietenant-Colonel Wodehouse, landed in that colony on the 21st of November, 1834. Three companies were sent to Tasmania and two to Norfolk Island, of which Major Anderson, 50th Regiment, was appointed commandant." pp198-199

"The 50th Regiment recieved orders to hold itself in readiness to embark for Bengal, to relieve the 49th, on the 11th December, 1839.

The head-quarters and first division of the regiment embarked at Sydney, under Major Anderson, K.H. (Colonel Wodehouse, commanding, having been invalided), in the ship "Crusader," on the 29th January 1841, and the second division under Major Ryan, in the ship "Lady McNaughten," on the 30th of that month, leaving one company under Brevet-Major Sergeant to follow with the recruits expeted from England. This last party was afterwards shipwrecked in Torres Straights, and the ship "Ferguson," which carried them, became a total wreck." p200.