Stephen Tuckerman + Elizabeth Crouch

1 child
Birth: 1802 19Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: February 1, 1875New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events


Note: This was a common law marriage. Stephen, of a Devo…

This was a common law marriage. Stephen, of a Devon family, migrated to Masschusetts, and was prominent in commerce and shipping. In Sydney, while negotiating for the disposal of his rum cargo from the ship 'Caroline' dragged on, he met and spent time with Elizabeth. He may or may not have known that she was pregnant at the time of his departure for his wife and family in New Bedford. On the journey back, after leaving Chile the ship went down and Stephen was not heard from again.

It is said that on sailing, Tuckerman deposited £500 with Simeon Lord for Elizabeth's support. That she was not left destitute is shown by the theft of her watch, earring and a little money reported in 1804.

In June of 1804, good conduct won Elizabeth a conditional pardon.

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