Damper in a Wok : A Mixed-up Australian Family Tree

… ‘Ah Look’

… ‘Ah Look’
Ah Look
Birth of a daughter
Luk Yek Ho
Birth of a granddaughter
Margaret Yet Foy
16 March 1881
Birth of a granddaughter
Cumgee ‘Cissy’ Yet Foy
26 March 1884
Birth of a grandson
Lian Gee Yet Foy
18 March 1887
Note: Queensland BDM Index: 1887/C001975 Hoy Liang Gee Yet Yet Ho
Death of a grandsonLian Gee Yet Foy
28 October 1887 Age: 7 mths
Note: Queensland BDM Index: 1887/C001033 Ah Foy Lange Yo Foy Ah Hoo
Birth of a grandson
Jack Yet Foy
1 April 1890
Address: Sircom Street Croydon
Birth of a grandson
William Yet Foy
21 April 1892
Address: Sircom St Croydon
Note: Queensland BDM Index: 1892/C001032 Hoy Quong Yake Yet Ah How How
Birth of a grandson
Charlie Yet Foy
19 May 1894
Note: Queensland BDM Index: 1894/C001048 Yet Hoy Quang Mow Yet Ah How
Birth of a granddaughter
Gumlin Yet Foy
Note: Queensland BDM Index: 1896/C001227 Hoy Gum Lin Yet Ah How
Birth of a grandson
George Yet Foy
5 July 1898
Note: Queensland BDM Index:1898/C001138 Yet Hoy Quang Lum Yet Hoy Ah How
Death of a granddaughterGumlin Yet Foy
Note: QLD BDM Index: 1899/C000531 Yet Foy Gumlein Yet Foy Ah How
Birth of a granddaughter
May Yet Foy
15 August 1901
Death of a daughterLuk Yek Ho
29 March 1904
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