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Ah Long - 1924

coi3 yu5 seui6Age: 62 years18771939

‘Ah Long’ 汝粹
Given names
Ah Long
coi3 yu5 seui6
Birth 1871

Birth 1877
Lizha, Huilong, Gaoyao, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China - 黎槎,回龙, 高要市, 肇庆市, 广东

Note: He was commonly called "number 8". Noting his birth year in that he is older than Coi Man Seui.
Birth of a brothercoi3 man4 seui6
12 August 1878 (Age 19 months)
Zhagang, Huilong, Gaoyao, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China - 槎崗, 回龙, 高要市, 肇庆市, 广东

Note: 1878 - according application re Alien Registration Act (30 May 1956)
Residence from 1887 to 1920 (Age 10 years)

Extended Absence
from December 1908 to May 1911 (Age 31 years)
Residence from 1920 to 1939 (Age 43 years)
Address: Carroll St Kogarah Bay
Note: Land title searching
Extended Absence
1924 (Age 47 years)
Extended Absence
from May 1930 to September 1932 (Age 53 years)
Extended Absence
from October 1938 (Age 61 years)
Death 1939 (Age 62 years)
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younger brother
Choy Mun Seui ("Ah Young")coi3 man4 seui6
Birth: 12 August 1878Zhagang, Huilong
Death: 12 December 1968Newtown, New South Wales
-7 years
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He was commonly called "number 8". Noting his birth year in that he is older than Coi Man Seui.
Land title searching Parish of St George, County of Cumberland Portion 30 - Reference note 102 Crown Plan 2030-471, -471A grantee Matthew Carroll 17-2-1849
Market Garden - Carroll Street Kogarah From Torrens Title Registers: Vol-folio 2210-124 Purchased 14 dec 1911 by caroline cecilia burgess wife of ralph burgess mossman chemist. Leased 27 march 1913 to Sang War of Kogarah. Market gardener. Lease terminated and sold to Ah Young, Ah Long, Ah See and Choy Bun all Kogarah market gardeners and tenants in common 15 nov 1920. Vol-folio 3143-4 to 3143-7 registers title for each of the tenants in common. Vol-folio 3424-248 to 3424-250. (Ah young is 249). Ah See transfers out of the ownership. 28 feb 1923. Leased by the 3 owners to Ah Chong, Ah Dong, Ah En, Ah Doo and Ah Shum, Kogarah market gardeners. 17 mar 1930. Mortgaged 11 apr 1930 to margaret wood eagan wife of frank william Austin eagan of manly chartered accountant. Mortgage discharged 22 jan 1934. Ah Young mortgaged his share to Ah Long 23 Mar 1934. Mortgage discharged 9 Dec 1936. Ah Long was his brother, Coi Yu Seui.
Ah Long records at Australian National Archive Records examined: SP42/1 C1909/1534: Lived West Wyalong. No match. SP42/1 C1913/2449: market gardener Arncliffe and Botany. Issues certificate 119/22. SP42/1 C1914/3869: Market gardener in Newcastle. Also too old. SP42/1 C1912/4129: Cook and shop assistant at King Hing on George St. SP42/1 C1927/1260: grocer. Picture doesn't match. Riley st surry hills. SP42/1 C1927/6933: market gardener of camden. SP42/1 C1934/3652 - doesn't sound like a good match... SP42/1 C1922/2740 SP42/1 C1928/11370 SP42/1 C1929/6331 SP42/1 C1924/6041 SP42/1 C1938/7444: looks like the right one!! SP42/1 C1931/4989 ST84/1 1905/171-180 - Too old. ST84/1 1921/302/21-30 - Too old ST84/1 1912/98/41-50 ST84/1 1913/119/21-30 ST84/1 1929/471/91-100 ST84/1 1937/540/51-60
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