Damper in a Wok : A Mixed-up Australian Family Tree

William RobertsAge: 53 years18391892

William Roberts
Given names
Birth about 1837
Note: No Ravenswood in Yorkshire. There is Ravenswood in Berkshire. This may have been an error by the rec…
Birth about 1839
Birth about 1841
Immigration about 1865 (Age 26 years)

Note: From Queensland Immigration records.
Birth of a daughter
Elizabeth Roberts
March 11, 1867 (Age 28 years)
1867 (Age 28 years)
Birth of a daughter
Annie Roberts
July 23, 1869 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a son
William Roberts
May 24, 1872 (Age 33 years)
Note: Cited in notes from Thelma Weston.
MarriageMary Agnes MarksView this family
February 23, 1876 (Age 37 years) Husband: 39 Wife: 28
Note: Mary Agnes Roberts death cert mentions her marriage to William as being for 16 years. They were marr…
Birth of a granddaughter
Mona Annie Murphy
July 15, 1892 (Age 53 years)
Address: Park St Charters Towers
1892 (on the date of death)

Death about 1892 (Age 53 years)

Note: Queensland BDM Index:
1893 (12 months after death)
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Family with parents - View this family
Family with Mary Agnes Marks - View this family
Marriage: February 23, 1876Townsville, Queensland, Australia
-9 years
2 years
3 years
William Roberts
Birth: May 24, 1872 33 27Townsville, Queensland
Death: April 2, 1916Cairns, Queensland
Frederick Samuel Haslam + Mary Agnes Marks - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: January 19, 1864Banana, Queensland, Australia

No Ravenswood in Yorkshire. There is Ravenswood in Berkshire. This may have been an error by the recorder. There is a Ravensworth parish and village which is in the Richmond registration district of Yorkshire. Checked the 1841 Census for Ravensworth for any Roberts family. There is a Michael (46) and Elizabeth (34) Hutchinson on page 11. No daughter listed. Perhaps to young to be grandparents in 1841? Ann Hutchinson (60) living with the Bell family on page 21. There is a Ravenswood in Queensland but settled by colonists in the 1860's.
From Queensland Immigration records. Selecting immigrants who - were born around 1837-1841 - without family - arrived before 1876 leaves two possibilities: ROBERTS William 24 arrived on Golden City London 12 Oct 1864, Plymouth 17 Oct 1864, Brisbane 3 Jan 1865 ROBERTS William 27 arrived Legion of Honor London 5 Nov 1865, Moreton Bay 27 Feb 1866
Mary Agnes Roberts death cert mentions her marriage to William as being for 16 years. They were married in 1876. She died in 1904. If their marriage was only 16 years then there may be a separation, divorce or death around 1892. Qld Divorce records searched: 6242 - Matrimonial Petitions - Northern (Probably the right age range if a divorce occurred.) 5688 - Matrimonial Petitions - Southern. Also archive search of exact names William Roberts Mary Agnes Roberts. While 23 Feb 1876 appears on the marriage registration, the birth records for there children are earlier than this date. These records also point to other marriage dates. (From Annie Roberts - 27 Dec 1866. From William 17 Dec 1865)
Queensland BDM Index: 1896/C2999 Roberts William - - ** born England aged 62 years Not a match: engineer married in England to Elizabeth Thompson,. Died Tinana 30 Nov 1896 1910/C3140 Roberts William - - ** born England aged 76 years Not a match: miner born in Holyhead, Wales. Married in Charters Towers but no other info given. Died in Rockhampton 24 Nov 1910 NZ deaths 1885 William Roberts. Aged 52. Register lists Parents as "not known". Married status also "Not known". Place of birth London. Informant was the undertaker. Minister officiating was Presbyterian. (Checked NZ since one of his daughters married NZ'er.)
NSW Archives: Assisted immigrants arriving at Moreton Bay-Brisbane, 1848-59 ROBERTS William 16 and brother John (14) New Great Britain 1857 2138, 2476 - further details: Appear in the lists for Single Men. Calling: Labourer; County of origin: Lancashire; Religon: C.E.; Read/Write: Both. QLD Archives: ROBERTS William 24 Golden City 3 Jan 1865 IMM/113 48 Z1957 M1696 ROBERTS William 26 Ariadne 8 Oct 1862 IMM/112 131 Z1957 M1696 ROBERTS William 27 Legion of Honor 27 Feb 1866 IMM/112 282 Z1957 M1696
1841 UK Census: searched for William Roberts in Yorkshire born 1835-9 where there is also a John and Elizabeth With a John and Elizabeth Household ROBERTS, William 1837 4 M Huddersfield Yorkshire No(John is head) Household ROBERTS, William 1838 3 M Sheffield Yorkshire Probably not (Head is Joseph) Household ROBERTS, William 1837 4 M Leeds Yorkshire No (John is not head) Household ROBERTS, William 1838 3 M Leeds Yorkshire Maybe (but father's occ is Hawker, not Farmer) Household ROBERTS, William 1836 5 M Wakefield Yorkshire No (parents wrong) Household ROBERTS, William 1835 6 M Huddersfield Yorkshire No (John is not head where William is son)