Damper in a Wok : A Mixed-up Australian Family Tree

Yip Hoy + Luk Yek Ho

9 children
Cissie Woo, Coonabarabran, 30/8/1940Cumgee “Cissy” Yet Foy
Birth: March 26, 1884 42 19Cooktown, Queensland
Death: May 11, 1982Coonabarabran, New South Wales
Lian Gee Yet Foy
Birth: March 18, 1887 45 22Queensland, Australia
Death: October 28, 1887Marton, Queensland
Charlie Yet Foy
Birth: May 19, 1894 52 29Croydon, Queensland
Death: September 12, 1992Townsville, Queensland
May Yet Foy
Birth: August 15, 1901 59 36Croydon, Queensland
Death: August 10, 1963Toowoomba, Queensland

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Family group information
Civil marriage January 17, 1884
QLD BDM Index - Births: 1894/C001048 Yet Hoy Quang Mow Yet Ah How 1898/C001138 Yet Hoy Quang Lum Yet Hoy Ah How 1901/C002122 Yet Hoy Lily Yet Hoy Ah How 1892/C001032 Hoy Quong Yake Yet Ah How How 1890/C000947 Hoy Quan Chet Yet Look Yek Bow 1896/C001227 Hoy Gum Lin Yet Ah How 1887/C001975 Hoy Liang Gee Yet Yet Ho QLD BDM Index - Deaths: 1899/C000531 Yet Foy Gumlein Yet Foy Ah How
1915 Electoral roll lists Jean Yet Foy living in Croydon. Female domestic duties. Who is this? Note from Bronwyn Stringer I have found this info in my explorations and I came to the conclusion that she was married to Jack Yet Foy . He met and married Betsy May Hicks in 1921. No One else in the close family seemed to know anything about the first Jean Yet Foy. Havent searched for marriage certificate.
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